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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

That Trail In The Woods

Soon as after moving into my new apartment, I noticed a trail nearby leading into a small woods.

I was happy to find a place to walk and explore out of the range of curious eyes but close to home. Tendinitis had cut short any exercise that I might have had over the last few months. With treatment and proper shoes, I was ready to get out and explore this new find.

The first picture I took was looking back on the trail at the apartment building I had just left.

The first thing I saw was a rabbit on the trail.

I was at least 100 meters away but my new camera was able to zoom in close.

The next things I noticed was all the new flowers making the wood come alive with their brilliant colours.

There was other wildlife there as well.
This robin was nearby for most of my walk, occasionally flying down to the ground to search for worms or whatever food it could find.

This squirrel was one of a pair that came to have a look.

The squirrel was nice enough to pose for a picture on my return trip past its home.

Such a cutie. I called out and it looked up and gave me this nice shot. I have been leaving seeds and pieces of dried bread for it and its partner.

It must be a good year for snails as I saw a couple on my walk.

This one was found on the steps leading to a walkway outside the building.

I can only hope they weren't stepped on by people or run over by a bicycle on the trail.

I noticed a strawberry patch as well.

I was thinking I would have fresh wild strawberries to munch on in a few weeks, but the next time I walked in the woods, I had no idea where the patch was, so I guess they are safe from me raiding the patch.

About 300 meters into my walk, I came to the far edge of the little wood at the entrance of Bell Park, which contains a 9 hole golf course.

Across the street was the local legion where I go on Friday nights to sing karaoke.

I have ventured into the golf course grounds and taken more pictures, but they will be in my next post. Check back soon for that!

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