Cataraqui Reflections

Friday, June 30, 2017

Blue Heron Patience

It was a rainy day yesterday here in Kingston Ontario. I happened to look out my front window and thought I saw a rather large bird on the edge of the Cataraqui sitting on a branch. So I went outside to investigate.

Sure enough, I could see that it was a blue heron, just sitting here patiently, perhaps waiting to spot a fish in the water.

I cannot say this is normal behaviour for herons, to sit so long in one place with many people nearby.

It is possible the heron was injured as it seemed quite lethargic just sitting there.

It was notable enough that I am writing this post about the sighting.

Having wrested myself out of my comfy chair, I decided it was time to feed the birds along the woods trail, despite the rain.

I am glad I did because I discovered three more wild flowers that had bloomed since my last trek in the woods a few days ago.

This is the flower of the milkweed plant. So beautiful.

This flower is one of the only blue wild flowers I have seen.

It looked happy in the rain.

This mauve flower is a new one for me.

That's it for this post, just wanted to share what I saw yesterday.

Tomorrow is Canada's 150th birthday. I wish every Canadian a happy birthday and please stay safe!

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