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Friday, February 19, 2016

Pictures and memories of Clearwater Beach Florida in February 2016

I have finally downsized and edited the pictures I took in Florida. The weather was a little cool for this 10 day sojourn in the sun. Here we go. The pictures and story should follow a roughly chronological path.

There were many birds there. Here's a few pics I took during the course of my stay.
This osprey came to visit my balcony on my first day. Looks like he flew long and hard to get there.

Next are the birds I saw on the Clearwater beach, near the pier.

Pelicans were everywhere, always welcoming a treat or just waiting for one to come along.

Then there was the pier itself, known as Pier 60.

The white sands of Clearwater Beach.

A reminder that you're not in Kansas anymore, but in hurricane alley.

Got to go out on the water in the Pirate Ship.

People of all ages enjoyed this ride on a very windy day. This is my friend Viviane with one of the younger passengers from Ohio.

I also got to go out on the water in the Calypso Queen. What fun!

I met these amazing people from Eau Claire Wisconsin, Ariel and Kris, here with Viviane.

The DJ Curtiss, let me sing a song or two.

There was the sailboards and boats on the windy days (which was pretty much every day).

My room in Pier House 60 faced east so there were many beautiful sunrises.

I visited the Clearwater Beach Aquarium. There was this convenient Jolly Trolley to get us there.

Shipwreck Alley led to the dolphin viewing area.
Winter, one of the stars, came right up to the window to say hello.
Winter will cavort for a treat every time.

Did lots of this.

And maybe too much of this (at least one night).

This is a picture of the Pier House 60 Hotel I stayed in. Very nice accomodation quite close to the pier and the beach itself.

Two days after I returned home to Trenton, I traded white sand for lots of white snow. Sigh.

Oh well. It was nice to be somewhere else for a while.

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