Cataraqui Reflections

Sunday, January 17, 2016

It's Not All About The Music :)

Hello friends and happy new year! It has been a long time since I last wrote up anything, but I couldn't begin a new year without at least making the effort to share with you some of the amazing pictures and moments I was able to capture over the summer and fall months of 2015.

Here are pictures in chronological order that I have taken on my adventures over the last 8 or months.

This photo was taken from Baker Island on the CFB Trenton site. My flag photo.

I put out a seed ball for the birds, but I found out it was also feeding another hungry animal.
So cute.

This is a bridge, one of many, in Belleville Ontario, all lit up and looking good in the evening.

I remembered to get a picture taken at one of my gigs as I needed an updated one for a poster. This one was taken at Trenton Memorial Hospital.
I am not that photogenic but I think this is a good picture. :)

A nice rainbow followed a brief shower at the end of July.

I went to Stirling Ontario Festival to see a local band, South of 7, in mid-August.

My friend, Roy Borden Jr. joined them on bass to help them out.

South Of 7 was opening for this great Canadian talent from Huntsville Ontario: Deric Rutan.
He's the guy at the far left of the stage.

I am a lucky person to have friends who have a cottage overlooking Georgian Bay. It was a warm hazy late August day when I took these photos.

As I was setting up to play for my friends and their neighbours, this fabulous sunset could not be ignored.

My sister, Shirley, moved to Kingston and I got some photos of the area in August.

Kingston courthouse.

Nice clouds overhead the Kingston market.

And the view of Kingston's waterfront, complete with redoubt.
That's the red roofed fortification in the center, for those not familiar with the word 'redoubt'.

And no visit to Kingston is complete without a breakfast at Morrison's Restaurant, which has been there 'forever'.

I make my annual trek back to my home town of Gowganda in September.

Some photos of the town and area.
The beach.

East side of Gowganda Lake.

Looking down Gowganda Lake from the dam at the northwest end of town.

Long Point Lake and Barb Smith's waterfront.

Edith Lake.

Lost Lake.

I found a guitar known as a vintage blonde. Perfect for me, another vintage blonde. So happy to find it and many thanks to my loving sister for buying it for me. Photo was taken in an old garage.

I found out I was drying my hair out so I made some changes that has made my hair shiny and healthy. Thank you Mary/Abby Avery Doble, for your help in this matter.

Fall foliage captured by my friend, Kathy Jerome.

A sunrise shot from October 31st.

I found a rose still growing in late October as there has been little cold weather and no snow up to then.

New haircut for me at the end of October.

November took me to a bar called Legendz across the Bay Bridge in Rossmore to see Kim Doolittle and the Wolfgang Brothers perform for a chance to go to the International Blues Challenge in Memphis.
They were fabulous and won the local competition and will be heading to Memphis January 26-30th. Good luck!

Here's a sunrise picture I took through the window in my front door.

I was in Cobourg Ontario in mid-November and got this picture at the waterfront. I was enjoying the unseasonably mild weather.

Haze and mist on the Trent River on 22 December 2015. No snow yet.
Those are fishermen in a boat at this time of year, most unusual.

A little snow fell near the end of December but freezing rain also fell, leaving this evidence on my front window.

My friend, Bill Fox, who lives in Gowganda, got this early morning shot outside his house. The moon was very bright,casting shadows and creating a glittering surface on the snow. So beautiful.

This is sunset on New Year's Day 2016.

My view obscured by rain on this January afternoon.

A sharp shinned hawk, or sharpie, dropped by to check out the seeds I put out for the birds.

Seeing a hawk land and stay on the ground was very unusual.

I had two more shots taken of me with my new guitar.

Another sunset picture of downtown Trenton.

And finally, a picture of Gowganda Lake, taken today from the web cam at Gowganda Lake Lodge. Lots of snow there.

In February, I will be going to Clearwater Beach in Florida. This is a picture of our hotel and the stretch of beach it's on that I lifted from Google Earth.
Doesn't look like much in this photo, but I hear the beach is one of the best in Florida. We shall see...

Stay tuned for more photos then!