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Sunday, January 18, 2015

January Blues

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year.

My musical career had a big boost for the latter part of November right into early January. It was great fun to entertain all those folks.

Not sure just what happened at the Malt 'N Salt in Colborne Ontario, where I last performed. The restaurant closed for unknown reasons. I am hoping there will be more Friday night gigs there later in the year, when the weather improves.

The ice hut colony has begun to appear on the Trent River and the Bay of Quinte here in Trenton Ontario.

The above pictures were taken a day before the weather turned mild, and now there is a lot of water along the surface of the ice. Fortunately, the temperature will stay below freezing after today.
Another ice picture, this one showing the Bay of Quinte from a little further west than the downtown area.

This final picture portrays Gowganda Ontario, my home town, a few days ago during a cold snap.

My thanks to the photographer, Vicki Rendall of Lookout Point Camp, for the pic.

The holiday season has come and gone, and with it went most of the excitement in my life. The new year has faltered somewhat due to a mistake I have made that cannot be undone. I won't elaborate, except to say that I had a moment recently that wasn't my finest.

I have, however, attempted to make amends by taking ownership of that mistake and conveying my regret. I believe this was the right thing to do and my apology was accepted. I also scrubbed and cleaned my floors as a form of penance, a metaphorical cleansing for my soul.

Time to move on. It can only get better from here.

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