Cataraqui Reflections

Monday, November 17, 2014

First Significant Snowfall For Quinte West 2014

Hello and welcome to winter in Canada. This is how it looked outside my front window this morning. Not bad for the second half of November. The air is quite saturated and the snow is threatening to change to rain at any time.

The doves that come to my feeder were anxiously awaiting my arrival, so much so that one dove sat in my little tree to look in my window and let me know she was waiting.

Normally, when there is no snow, I spread seeds on the grass so everyone gets a chance to feed, but with the snow on the ground, I improvised an old outdoor shelf that had two brackets. The brackets sunk into the snow and stabilized the tray to allow the birds to walk on it without the tray tipping over.

I am pleased to announce that I finally got a paying gig at the New Queensway Pub in Trenton. I will perform on Friday, 12 December 2014, from 5-9pm. I made up posters and have been distributing them around town in the hopes of drumming up business in advance for the pub.

I also have a gig at the Frankford Ontario Lions Club venue on Monday 08 December 2014. I will be performing for their annual Christmas party for the third year in a row. I will consider this a warmup for the Queensway gig.

I have learned 6 new songs to add to my repertoire, some of them Christmas songs, since it is the season very soon.

Thank you to all who have come to my blog over the past month. This entry is short but I will post more once the snow is here to stay and I get more pictures taken. See you soon!