Cataraqui Reflections

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mid October Hues

The shades of autumn have peaked and are almost finished for another year. The warmer than normal temperatures of the last few days has softened the knowledge that colder air will soon be here.

Branches will soon be bare here, one of my favourite spots in Trenton.

The water reflects the pale yellows of the trees looking out towards the Bay of Quinte from this sheltered spot.

Not to be outdone, the sky over the Bay of Quinte put on quite a display of its own, with this unique rainbow just at sunset.

Finally, this is a late evening picture taken in Trenton along a country road.

I recently added a link to my YouTube Channel on the right hand side of this blog. I now have 30 songs listed there. Please feel free to go and have a listen to the latest songs I recorded. Those backing tracks do add a definite layer to my sound.

See you here again soon!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Autumn Marches On

It's crazy how quickly the time passes. It seems like only a few days ago that I posted in this blog, yet it has been 3 weeks.

Fall arrived without much fanfare, but I managed to get a few pictures. Baker Island at the Trenton AFB has a few good scenic spots.

The sun came out from behind a cloud just at sunset to light up the trees and make for a good shot.

These bushes along the bank of Baker Island display a blaze of brilliant colours for the world to enjoy.

I was watching a pair of chipmunks forage for food when they suddenly disappeared. I believe the reason is the blue heron that dropped by on the nearby pier. I haven't seen those chipmunks since...

The Baker Island Community Centre has this nice birch tree in autumn mode.

And I have to display a picture of the view of the Bay of Quinte from this vantage point.

And for a pop of colour, here is one of my sister Shirley's geraniums in full flower mode.

There you have it. There isn't much new as I have not yet persuaded anyone or any place to hire me as a musician, although I continue to leave my card at local retirement homes. Sooner or later, one is going to call me and I'll get my shot. I have added three new songs to my YouTube channel, if anyone cares to go listen to them.

Next weekend is the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. I should have more pictures then.

See you soon!