Cataraqui Reflections

Friday, August 8, 2014

Blink And It's August 2014

Try as I might, I cannot stop the forward motion of time and it seems as I get older, the faster time slips away . Here it is the middle of August already.

I did play my gig at the Elk Lake Legion, Branch 310. It went well, but there weren't many people there. I have been invited back for next year and hopefully advance advertising of the event may bring out more people. I thank them for the opportunity to put my music out there.

On my way to Gowganda, I drove through Cobalt and took these pictures.

The glory days have passed, leaving this mining relic looking forlorn in the bush that has grown up around it.

This is a little cabin turned into a blacksmith shop, now a tourist stop on the Heritage Silver Trail in Cobalt.

It rained for most of my time in Gowganda, so the pictures below have a moody feel to them.

Looking south down Gowganda Lake from the dam.

This massive log washed up on the shore.

I leave you with a sunrise photo from Kathy Jerome from Tuesday 05 August 2014. See you here again soon!