Cataraqui Reflections

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Season's Greetings!

Hello everyone. Only 8 nine days until Christmas and 14 days till 2015. Another year has almost passed. I wasn't sure I would have anything to show for the year as most of it went uneventfully, but things have picked up the last two months.

I finally got a few gigs to showcase what I have learned since July and how well it has altered my overall sound output. I have two more gigs before Christmas and the end of the year. Here's a poster I made up for the gig this coming Friday.

The Quinte West Fire Department were in the neighbourhood on Sunday 14 December 2014 for the annual food drive.

I was happy to give out my donation of canned goods to help others who are less fortunate.

I will take this opportunity to wish each and everyone of you a happy holiday season and that the best of what 2015 has to offer finds its way to your door.

Hugs and love. ♥♥

Monday, November 17, 2014

First Significant Snowfall For Quinte West 2014

Hello and welcome to winter in Canada. This is how it looked outside my front window this morning. Not bad for the second half of November. The air is quite saturated and the snow is threatening to change to rain at any time.

The doves that come to my feeder were anxiously awaiting my arrival, so much so that one dove sat in my little tree to look in my window and let me know she was waiting.

Normally, when there is no snow, I spread seeds on the grass so everyone gets a chance to feed, but with the snow on the ground, I improvised an old outdoor shelf that had two brackets. The brackets sunk into the snow and stabilized the tray to allow the birds to walk on it without the tray tipping over.

I am pleased to announce that I finally got a paying gig at the New Queensway Pub in Trenton. I will perform on Friday, 12 December 2014, from 5-9pm. I made up posters and have been distributing them around town in the hopes of drumming up business in advance for the pub.

I also have a gig at the Frankford Ontario Lions Club venue on Monday 08 December 2014. I will be performing for their annual Christmas party for the third year in a row. I will consider this a warmup for the Queensway gig.

I have learned 6 new songs to add to my repertoire, some of them Christmas songs, since it is the season very soon.

Thank you to all who have come to my blog over the past month. This entry is short but I will post more once the snow is here to stay and I get more pictures taken. See you soon!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mid October Hues

The shades of autumn have peaked and are almost finished for another year. The warmer than normal temperatures of the last few days has softened the knowledge that colder air will soon be here.

Branches will soon be bare here, one of my favourite spots in Trenton.

The water reflects the pale yellows of the trees looking out towards the Bay of Quinte from this sheltered spot.

Not to be outdone, the sky over the Bay of Quinte put on quite a display of its own, with this unique rainbow just at sunset.

Finally, this is a late evening picture taken in Trenton along a country road.

I recently added a link to my YouTube Channel on the right hand side of this blog. I now have 30 songs listed there. Please feel free to go and have a listen to the latest songs I recorded. Those backing tracks do add a definite layer to my sound.

See you here again soon!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Autumn Marches On

It's crazy how quickly the time passes. It seems like only a few days ago that I posted in this blog, yet it has been 3 weeks.

Fall arrived without much fanfare, but I managed to get a few pictures. Baker Island at the Trenton AFB has a few good scenic spots.

The sun came out from behind a cloud just at sunset to light up the trees and make for a good shot.

These bushes along the bank of Baker Island display a blaze of brilliant colours for the world to enjoy.

I was watching a pair of chipmunks forage for food when they suddenly disappeared. I believe the reason is the blue heron that dropped by on the nearby pier. I haven't seen those chipmunks since...

The Baker Island Community Centre has this nice birch tree in autumn mode.

And I have to display a picture of the view of the Bay of Quinte from this vantage point.

And for a pop of colour, here is one of my sister Shirley's geraniums in full flower mode.

There you have it. There isn't much new as I have not yet persuaded anyone or any place to hire me as a musician, although I continue to leave my card at local retirement homes. Sooner or later, one is going to call me and I'll get my shot. I have added three new songs to my YouTube channel, if anyone cares to go listen to them.

Next weekend is the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. I should have more pictures then.

See you soon!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mid-September Is Here

Wow, how time can fly when you are not paying attention. Thank you, my loyal readers, for sticking with me throughout this long, dry spell.

Not sure just why it happened, but I fell into a bit of a funk for a few weeks there and could not function like everything was normal. I am okay physically, don't want to worry anyone, but sometimes, these things happen.

It isn't like I haven't been busy. I have recorded a few more songs and had to learn how to use these nifty backing tracks that add a significant layer to my sound. I think I have come out on the other side, because I am feeling better about everything.

Not a lot has happened, but if you go to my YouTube channel, you will find new songs there. I do, however, have some nice photos for you.

These are called cosmos, or so I am told. They are the exact colour of pink that is very popular right now in women's fashion.

It seems to me that the sunflowers are early this year, but here are many hybrid types of sunflowers now, so these were up and beautiful in late August.

My friend, Kathy Jerome, sent me this picture. I just love water lilies, and to have the bonus of a bull frog lounging beneath it, is quite the bonus!

One afternoon, I was enjoying a Tim Horton's tea when this helicopter appeared and from the angle of the photograph, it looks like it is coming after me, but it is not.

I think the military were giving rides to ordinary folk, because I saw it pick up passengers, depart and then return and repeated the same procedure.

This was my excitement for that day.

Of course, the birds at the feeder and the bird bath, have been no end of amusement and fun.

The little sparrow is giving the dove some grief, or so it would seem in the picture.

Well, there you have it, my first entry is quite a long time. Hope you enjoyed. I will soon post more of my music videos here, but for now, I will bid you all adieu, and goodbye. Be back soon!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Blink And It's August 2014

Try as I might, I cannot stop the forward motion of time and it seems as I get older, the faster time slips away . Here it is the middle of August already.

I did play my gig at the Elk Lake Legion, Branch 310. It went well, but there weren't many people there. I have been invited back for next year and hopefully advance advertising of the event may bring out more people. I thank them for the opportunity to put my music out there.

On my way to Gowganda, I drove through Cobalt and took these pictures.

The glory days have passed, leaving this mining relic looking forlorn in the bush that has grown up around it.

This is a little cabin turned into a blacksmith shop, now a tourist stop on the Heritage Silver Trail in Cobalt.

It rained for most of my time in Gowganda, so the pictures below have a moody feel to them.

Looking south down Gowganda Lake from the dam.

This massive log washed up on the shore.

I leave you with a sunrise photo from Kathy Jerome from Tuesday 05 August 2014. See you here again soon!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Three Weeks Into July 2014 Already??

Hard to believe but true - time is once again flying through the brief but longed-for summer of 2014.

Hello out there. It's been quite a while since I last posted, 22 June 2014, to be exact. It's not like it's been an extra busy time for me. I have taken a few pictures since then and I will share some of them with you now.

Through the course of a company picnic, I found Baker Island, a small island on the Bay of Quinte owned by the Department of National Defence here in Trenton Ontario. It is a beautiful, scenic place, very private with very little people traffic because it is on government property. This is my new go-to place with a Tim Horton's tea to relax and be one with the nature that surrounds me there.

First, the view.

In the above photo, I managed to include a Hercules C130, the Bay Bridge in Belleville, a sailboat and a channel marker, all over the Bay of Quinte.

This picture features the Bay Bridge and a sailboat.

Looking back at the water tower and the new building going up on the base is a new perspective for me.

There is a helipad on the island. Fairly windy on this day.

I saw this swan family here.

A cygnet hitches a ride on mama.

This C130 Hercules passed overhead on a calmer day.

There are baby hares who visit my yard. So cute.

I went picking raspberries at Bramble Berry Farms outside Frankford Ontario. Yummy!

The blueberries will be ripe soon. The ones I spotted while there for raspberries are huge. Can't wait. :)

What has been taking up my time is my music. I have discovered backing tracks for most of the songs I play and sing. They add such a depth to the music. I am busy meshing my music with the tracks and it is sounding pretty good, if I do say so myself. I am scheduled to make my new sound debut in Elk Lake Ontario on Friday, August 1st. I'll be ready. Let's have a good time!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

My Rose Of Summer

My small garden patches are not well cared for. I am just not skilled in horticulture. My pink royal rose bush, although being under attack by a bug that favours roses, managed to produce this one flower.

Friday 20 June 2014
The rose bud appears.

Saturday, 21 June 2014
Summer Solstice
First Day Of Summer

Sunday 22 June 2014
Full bloom

Already the rose is showing its age and soon its brief show of colourful bravado will be history.

All is not lost, however. The bush has future roses in the making.

More roses to come soon.