Cataraqui Reflections

Thursday, October 17, 2013

On The Mend

As those of you who followed my trek through Italy know, I injured my knee in Florence climbing the (too many) ancient steps of an old church. I am happy to report that my knee is returning to normal. I have not had to use my cane in about 5 days. I am giving the credit of my speedy healing to rest, fish oil and alternating ice and heat.

It was difficult to stay put when the weather in Trenton has been so fabulous. There have been many warm sunny days and just last night, a gentle rain fell to help refill the water table.

About a week ago, when my knee was still iffy, I was able to cut my longish grass, and I didn't hurt myself. That was the last of the difficult outdoor chores I have to do in preparation for winter. All else does not involve much walking or lifting. The dark clouds that had hovered over me with my injury are scattering. Hurray for the small victories.

Yesterday started with rain in the early morning hours, followed by a clearing and this rainbow to chase away the final rain drops. Picture is courtesy of my friend, Kathy Jerome, who has a view of the Bay of Quinte. Enjoy.