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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pictures Of Rome From The Tour Bus And My Train Trip To Florence

Greetings from Florence. The train from Rome to Florence went by quickly. It only took an hour and a half to go some 230 kilometers. It was so muggy and had been raining in Rome so I went first class to get the air conditioning.

Anyway, back to Rome for the time being. Here are some pictures.
The day was Sunday and you can see that the faithful like to go to St Peter's. The time was around noon and I am guessing that a mass had ended and everyone left at the same time. There were hoards of people. Quite a sight to see.

Right outside the entrance was the Canadian Embassy.
I might not have noticed but I happened to sit down beside a Canadian and she pointed it out to me. I am glad I did not have reason to need to go there. In the distance you can see the dome of St Peter's basilica.

Here are 3 pictures of the Coliseum.
Quite an impressive structure and still in good shape despite its age. An earthquake took away part of the wall surrounding it but the rest still stands.
The bus route crossed the River Tiber twice. Here is a shot of it. Note the steep walls which were built to contain the water so that when the rains came, the people of Rome were not flooded out as had happened many times over the years.
There were more statues along the River Tiber, as evidenced by the picture I took.

Next are three more pictures that I took on the bus tour. I don't remember just what the buildings were but they were impressive, as is all the architecture here.
I think the first picture is of the Justice building, notable for it being clad in Travertine marble, for which Italy is famous. It must have cost a small fortune.
My last picture from Rome is of the wall itself that once was built to protect the Romans from invaders. It winds its way throughout modern Rome and is a reminder of the past, whether you want it or not. I found it very interesting.

On to yesterday. I took some pictures of the countryside and the inside of the train. Trenitalia operates the fast trains in Italy.

I am almost up to the current time. Just a few pictures to show you. Here are a few pictures of my room in Florence, including the window, the curtain on the window, and the painted ceiling. It is very clean and airy.
The last picture is of the little patio on which I wrote this entry.

That's it for today. Check again for more pictures from Florence. Ciao!

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