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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Genoa On The Ligurian Sea

I was only in Genoa for two days, but they were good for my soul. I had what I consider a palace all to myself. It was a huge apartment that normally would have had up to 4 guests but it was all mine.

The floors were all hand laid mosaic tile that today would cost a small fortune and were probably quite expensive when the floors were laid, sometime around early 1900.

My host, Enrico, is a talented painter, and his huge murals covered the walls of the apartment. I will post a link to his web site on my blog cover for those who might like to check out his work. He has an exhibition coming up in October and another in November. He does both the human form and scenes.

Genoa is an ancient seaport, where the old is semi-buried in the new but reminders of the past peek through in places.

Internet is expensive here so I will load some pictures for you to peruse without too much explanation.

This is the building in which the B&B was located on the fifth floor, and the front door.

Enrico had a washing machine and he washed all my dirty clothes and hung them to dry. He laid out quite a good spread for breakfast and I had a huge fruit salad for the first time in Italy, with yogurt and corn flakes. Like I said, Genoa was good for the soul, but maybe not so good for my waistline.

There were some very nice locals that shared some time with me. Here is a picture of George, and Rosella.

That's all I will post for Genoa as I am now in Riomaggiore with new sights to see and capture with my camera, so that I might share them with you.


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