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Monday, August 19, 2013

Italy Just Over The Horizon

Holy cow! The summer has gone by so fast. I didn't realize it was the end of May that I last posted. It's mostly because I don't like to post without pictures and it takes a bit of time and effort to do so. Besides, I haven't been to Italy yet, so any pictures I post of Italy will have been taken by someone else.

Only 17 days to go until I leave. I am basically ready to go. I think I have thought of everything I need to take along with me. I need to go out today and pick up an electricity converter so I can plug in my stuff over there. I will have a neighbour keep an eye on my place so that nothing amiss happens while I am away. One less thing to worry about.

I finally found a pair of walking shoes that have allowed me to stand for 5 hours on my job as a cashier without pain in my feet. This means that I will be able to walk most places that I visit in Italy.
Turns out it's a shoe designed for nurses, who have to be on their feet for long hours. Neat, eh? I found the shoes at Your Shoe Store & Repairs right in Belleville, Ontario at 243 N. Front Street.
I cannot get the link on the blog to work, so you can either Google the name of the store of copy and paste it from the picture.

Earlier I had purchased these sandals, also by Alegria, at the store.
They are appropriately called the Verona sandal. I hope to put them to good use there.

Here is a picture of the B&B in Bellagio Italy where I will be staying. Just a little corner of it is showing, off to the side. I just can't finish off without a picture of Italy.
I'll post again before I leave if I have any updates. Otherwise, please check back after September 6th for my posts from Italy.

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