Cataraqui Reflections

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Swans And Various Emerging Flowers - Hurray For Spring!

I have more pictures to share that I have snapped in the last week or so. Finding new things to photograph pleases me and I am happy to post them here.

I learned of a swan pair not too far from my home so I went to investigate and got these shots.

This swan was shy and hid behind cattails in the marsh.

The mate was also sitting on a nest. It's impossible to tell a male mute swan from a female. I like this picture because of the reflection.

In fact, I liked it so much I got another close-up.

Later that same day, I was parked on the east side of the Trent River at the point it empties into the Bay of Quinte in Trenton, where I saw these swans out in the bay. They were quite far away and I took this picture at the limit of my zoom, which brought them in 42x closer.

I apologize for the quality, but that is what you get when you want to bring a subject in from a few kilometers away.

On to the flowers.

There is a lilac bush in full bloom in my backyard and this lovely flowering tree. I am not sure what type it is, but it will produce red berries that resemble choke cherries, so it is probably in the cherry family. I like pulling the curtains open in the morning and finding this wonderful view just waiting for me.

My mountain ash tree that I planted last year has produced new flowers on all its branches. There will be plenty of red berries to delight the birds later this year.

Here, the mountain ash enjoys a morning rainfall.

Finally, my brother, Jim Decker, was home for my brother-in-law Jack's funeral and this picture was taken of myself, Jim and sister Shirley, 22 May 2013.

I recently learned that I will have to pay an enormous income tax bill. At first I thought it would prevent me from taking my proposed trip to Italy in the fall. I have decided that this is the year to go as I am fit and able and I may not be down the road. The trip will put a crimp in my savings, but I may never be in a better situation than I am right now. What this means is, I am going ahead with my travel plans. Stay tuned.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Bloomfield Flowers And Some Sad News

I almost left it too long to go over the Bay Bridge and get pictures from the Open Garden in Bloomfield, but there were a few tulips left.

Something about the colour purple makes me feel mellow. A unique tulip.

There's nothing quite like looking at sunshine through a tulip. Bright and cheery, putting it out there for all to see its beauty.

The garden borders a body of water, nameless at the moment, that added a little scenic area at the back. Very tranquil.

There was also this neat lawn ornament across the street from the garden. I thought it worthy of a picture.

On to the sad news. My brother-in-law, Jack Cunningham-Dunlop, passed away yesterday at the age of 84. He was my sister Shirley's husband. It was quick and peaceful. We should all be so lucky to go out like that, at home after enjoying a good breakfast. R.I.P. Jack.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Osprey Pictures

One fine morning recently, on a walk with my friend Marie, she pointed out an osprey nest near the railway tracks not far from home. I was able to get these two pictures but I could not get the osprey sitting on the nest to fly away.

The second bird did fly from its perch on the post but I was not prepared and did not get a picture. I will continue walking past the nest in hopes of getting a few more shots.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Red Wing Blackbird And Lots Of Buds On My Mountain Ash Tree

I was in Bain Park again in Trenton and took the picture of the red wing blackbird.

This morning I noticed that my little mountain ash tree that I planted last year has many buds on its branches.

I will post a picture once those buds become blossoms.

I noticed recently that I had one tulip bud on an old plant that I thought was sterile. I was looking forward to it opening. I went out and upon my return, I noticed that the bud had been picked (!). I saw it lying half under the house skirt. I guess a mouse thought it might make a nice meal.

I brought it inside and put it in water and now I will get my solo tulip flower regardless of the mouse that nipped it before its time.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Swan In Bain Memorial Park, Trenton Ontario

It being such a lovely morning today, I drove to the above park and watched for swans. They like to have their babies here in a sheltered outcropping about 20 feet from the shore. I was in luck and found this mute swan and got these pictures.

I love to see the swans. There were none in the part of Northern Ontario where I am from.

Search and Rescue (SAR) Training On The Bay of Quinte Outside Belleville Ontario

My friend, Kathy, (the one who had the tree come down in the ice storm) captured these pictures of a SAR helicopter conducting a water training exercise out front of her place on the bay.

Having been in the aviation business, I don't miss a chance to post aircraft pictures.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Busy, busy, busy...

trying to get my deck garden going. The seeds I reported planting last week are all starting to sprout. These are the grape tomatoes up and running.

The garlic is showing shoots now too. I will plant these in my flower garden with some sheep manure to get them started.

I took a flower arrangement that was in a round pot and pulled it apart to place in the nice planter that John Trajkowicz in Gowganda made for me. All done on the first of May. I hope there will be no frost now or else I will be outside covering it up to save it.

The little mountain ash tree I planted last spring has grown considerably and is now ready to burst forth with new leaves. I hope it will like the sheep manure I placed over the root ball. I want to encourage its growth.

Sorry this post isn't longer but I have worked all afternoon and have to go in for a 10-3 shift tomorrow so I have to get some sleep. Check back in a day or so with more progress reports.