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Friday, April 12, 2013

Ice Storm - Beautiful And Deadly - Updated

When I first opened the curtains this morning, the first thing I felt was wonder at how my dreary backyard had been transformed into an isicled fairy land simply by applying freezing rain.

Sadly, that freezing rain exacted a hefty cost for my friend Kathy, whose home is on the shore of the Bay of Quinte.

This magnificent tree, all decked out in its finery of snow and ice, fell victim to the weight of all that beauty. The trunk snapped in two and now the tree lies scattered in ruins across her lawn. Such heartbreak and a lot of yard work in her future.

Today I was back with my friend Polly and we started to do cleanup. What a shame about the tree and what a mess it left.

After less than 2 hours quite a bit of the cleanup had taken place and the yard was beginning to look normal. Another friend of Kathy's came by and he began cutting off limbs. Meanwhile, Kathy lit a fire on the bay shore and commenced the burning of the tree limbs and debris. I received an email from her that said she was finished for the night, meaning the most of the cleanup was done and what could be burned was burned. This little window portal in my front door looks glazed with an expensive gloss with the ice frozen to it.

This little mountain ash branch is bowed over from the weight of all the ice accumulation but oh, so beautiful.

A close up of that beauty, looks a little like spider legs going in all directions.

More ice sculpture from my back window.

I liked the way the ice obscured the outside behind the little sailboat in my window.

The freezing rain was hard on the willows out front. This one lost several large branches. Note the ice on the wires on Quinte Rd.

So goes the story from today. A small update on my Italy plans is forthcoming and some pictures from my last trip to Kingston Ontario will be posted soon.

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