Cataraqui Reflections

Friday, March 29, 2013

Photos From My Fuji FinePix

After almost a week of looking at this little camera beside my computer, I finally downloaded what was on it and I was surprised by its content. There were many aircraft photos, most not very good, but I gleaned from them the following pics. For those that aren't aware, my home is right beside Trenton Air Force Base, about 200 meters from the end of 09/27 runway.

Here's a C17 just touching down, with the Trenton control tower to the right.

This is a Hercules, C130, passing overhead. I'm surprised I captured this shot as I really could not see it in the bright sunlight.

I took this photo of a Hercules doing a circuit over Whites Road, on my way home.

This is a troop transport plane doing circuits at the air base. It looks like it is flying off into the proverbial blue yonder.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hope There's A Worm For This Early Bird

Here it is the 27th of March 2013, and I see this robin outside my bedroom window. It seems a little early for robins. There is still snow piles on the ground and the surface is still frozen in many places. Although the snow has melted off, it still isn't all that warm.

Hello to all who have stopped by. Time marches on as does life along with it. I have not given up on Italy. It's just that other areas of my life have to fall into place before I can proceed. I have done much research and I am now in love with the Lake Como area of Italy, at the foot of the Alps. Ahh. Here's a picture I found.

The little town at the forefront of that spit of land is called Bellagio, and what a view from that spot. There are mountains on both sides of the lake.

I am hopeful that my pilot friend Geoff Cattrall, can meet me in Italy. The next photo is of Geoff paragliding over a little village in Italy recently. He is the green chute. If you look carefully, you will see a blue chute off to the right. I just love this photo.

The next picture shows Geoff paragliding near Rio de Janeiro. He's living the life, and I live it vicariously through him.