Cataraqui Reflections

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer road trip pictures

We are closing in on the end of August, which means pretty much the end of summer in this part of the world. And it was a fabulous summer.

I am back with some more pictures. I took a 7 day road trip in mid August to go up north to my cousin's wedding and this provided opportunity to snap a few pictures and weave a little story.

I have quite a few pictures to post so I hope you'll read the whole entry. (Readers take note: a 800x600 px copy can be viewed by clicking on the small picture in the posting.)

First I went to my cousin Nelson's wedding in a little place called King Kirkland, about 6 km outside Kirkland Lake Ontario.

It was a casual affair in a large backyard and pictured here is the happy couple, Nelson and Laura Jean, cutting the cake.

The happy couple have their first dance as a married couple. Local musicians and friends made up the band, the members of which changed frequently as people got up and sang and played when they felt like it, which was often. I even got up and sang a little myself.

Pictured here are Nelson with his siblings. There were six of them but one, Jerry, died many years ago and Bobby lives out west and did not make it back for the wedding.

This is my cousin Rose Kostello. She was able to get the time off work to come to the wedding and have some fun.

And this is Uncle George. He is uncle to Nelson and his siblings, as well as myself and Rose. All different branches of the same family.

My next stop was an hour away in the little town of Matachewan, on the Montreal River.

The bride's cousin Merry and Aunt Elsie did not attend the wedding so I decided to visit them as I love them both and won't get to see them again for a while.

This is Elsie above and Merry below.
We had a nice visit.
Then it was time to go to Gowganda, my home town. I hadn't visited since last year before I moved out of the north.

Gowganda Lake was quiet and serene the day of my visit. I went and played euchre with the gang for fun and to say hello to them all at once. I won second place and a handful of coins for stopping in.
The next part of my trip took me back down south and I drove for approximately 8 hours to get to Woodland Beach on Georgian Bay, one beach north of Wasaga Beach.
My hosts were the Stewart sisters, Elva and Janice.

And here we are, myself (Nancy), Elva, Janet and Janice.

Their cottage is perched on the top of a cliff with a million dollar view.

I was able to stop traveling for a few days and it was good. The beach was a short walk away and I even went swimming one day.

On the western shore is the bulk of the good ski hills in Ontario.

Since they can't be seen very well from a distance, I zoomed in on Blue Mountain, the largest of the ski hills in Collingwood Ontario.

There were many birds as well.

I decided to walk down the stairs to the water.

The steps had become crooked due to the weather but were still sturdy or so I hoped.
I made it to the bottom and looked back up.

Holy smokes - looks worse than it was, I assure you. Below are 2 pictures I took while down there.

There was a bush there and I have forgotten what its name was but the flowers were reminiscent of hibiscus, found in the tropics.

With such a view, the sunsets were spectacular. I was able to capture one sunset.

A good time was had by all. I entertained my friends and their cottage neighbours by singing and playing guitar in the evening a couple of times. I asked for a photo of me doing so but they haven't sent me one so I am publishing without it. And so ends my 7 day road trip in August 2011.

Monday, August 1, 2011

It's humid - Welcome to August

July was such a pleasant month here in Trenton. The temperature could reach the 80's but it still felt comfortable because the humidity was uncharacteristically low. It got a little dry and killed my grass, but this saved me from having to cut it, so it all worked out in the end.

There was only one really hot day in July. I took this picture for proof.

That pool you can see in the corner of the shot was 86f and no relief from the heat that day.

I have these two other pictures to post. I was driving through Napanee a few days ago and took these pictures of a railway trestle that crosses Highway 2.

Today is the last day of the Civic long weekend. This was the scene down in Centennial Park in Trenton. Looks like everyone was cozy and having a good time.

These campers were clustered around a band shell that featured old time country and western music all three nights of the long weekend.

August is beginning and all is well. I have shed 26 pounds and am still on the way down. Big plans this month for a road trip that will see me make stops in Orillia, North Bay, Englehart, Kirkland Lake, King Kirkland, Gowganda, and Woodland Beach. Fortunately, all those places are in Ontario so I should be able to complete the trip in just a week.

I'll post pictures of this trip first chance I get. Byeee.