Cataraqui Reflections

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Down but not out

At last, a moment to sit and put a few words on paper as to what has been happening. Snow, deep freeze cold and more snow has descended on the Trenton area in the last few weeks, annoying the heck out of me. The idea to move south was to escape shoveling a lot of snow, yet that is what has taken up some of my time.

My sister and I went to Toronto for a few days and I picked up some sort of bug that seemed to come right out of the blue. I was so dizzy with an upset stomach. I thought I had developed a neurological disease because of the dizziness. I am happy to report that I am at present feeling almost like myself again. This is a good thing as I am going out west to visit my friend Reg. I don't want to be sick while I am there.

If you can't get away from snow in Trenton, well, the next best thing is to go somewhere that doesn't have any snow and still be in Canada and that place is the Fraser Valley in British Columbia. Abbotsford did have some snow in early January but the temperature has rebounded and made short thrift of the snow. I'm hoping to experience an early spring out there.

I'll be taking my camera so I will be posting more in February complete with photos. I hope you'll come back for a look at this beautiful province.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

The snow that fell in mid December has all disappeared and the new year came in green. The forecast is calling for snow this week and that's normal. I had wondered where all the sea gulls had gone once the Trent River froze but I found them at a small area where the ice has not completely formed.

There are Canada geese, sea gulls, ducks and a lone swan, probably the one that I took pictures of further upstream in the summer. Quite a nice sight to see.

My airplane ticket has been purchased for Abbotsford B.C. in February. I will be visiting my friend Reg there for a few weeks and hopefully leaving the snow behind in Ontario. Only a little over a month before I go. I'll take pictures there and continue to post in my blog. Hopefully I'll get some neat shots.

That's it until my next posting.