Cataraqui Reflections

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Snow has arrived in Quinte West

Yes, it had to happen and it has - the world filling up with white bits that swirl and fly in the wind right outside my windows.

Hello everyone. The first signs of winter have reached the southeast corner of Ontario. Here are some pictures of the first snowfall.

The world was white momentarily and then the sun came out, ending the first snow event of 2010.

All of November is almost gone and these are the first pictures I have taken. It does cause huge gaps in time between posts but if you are reading this, thanks for being here.

Since my move to Trenton, I have had to cross railway tracks with regularity if I go north from my home to catch an east-west road that is not as busy as highway 2. The railway crossings are terrible and in need of some maintenance.

I had been threatening for 5 months to write an email to the town council with my complaint. What brought it to a head was the weekend closure of highway 2 that forced thousands of cars traveling along the highway to go over these tracks. This caused a hastening in the deterioration of the planks at these crossings.

So I went ahead and fired off an email to advise the town council of their shape and suggested the use of some taxpayer dollars to rectify a situation that could soon endanger the public.

Well, three days later, there are a few fresh planks and some gravel to smooth out the worst crossing. A day after that, White's Road was closed for 36 hours. When I finally went up White's Road, the railway crossing was completely redone, with new planks and asphalt. Ta Da!

Now I think it was my email that sparked this activity, but my sister Shirley, thinks that I probably wasn't the only one to complain so I'll just say that my email had something to do with the improvement. Other crossings remain to be attended to but the worst of the lot has been upgraded and I am grateful for that.

Never underestimate the power of your voice, be it spoken or written.

I have two more pictures to show you. One is a train crossing over the Trent River and the other is a neat tree that I am posting in black and white, found along the banks of the Trent.

This will probably be my last post for November. I am going on a trip to Ohio to visit friends the first week of December (weather permitting!) so I'll be sure to take some pictures to post here upon my return. Hope you will check back then.