Cataraqui Reflections

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hello from Trenton Ontario

Well, hello everyone. I finally have five minutes to sit down and post a comment or two. It has been a long time, since May 14th to be exact. Lots of water has flowed under the bridge since then.

I am happily ensconced in my new mobile home and all is going very well. I have taken a lot of pictures which I want to share with you so it will take some time. I don't want to send people away because my posts are excessively long so I'll keep this one short.

I have seen some interesting things. Like this car repair service...

Not sure I want to take my car there, in case the owner is having a bad day.

Down the road that parallels the Trent River is the town of Glen Miller. At first I thought it was named after the famous band leader whose plane disappeared over Europe in 1944 but after some research I realized it wasn't.

Glen Miller is home to the Bleasdell Boulder however. It's a huge rock that was left behind after the last ice age. I haven't been in to see it yet, but when I do, I will post a picture for everyone to see.

Here in Trenton, I have some very noisy neighbors, seeing as how the park where I live runs alongside the 10000 ft runway for the air force base. I had only been there one day when I saw this.

It's a Russian Antonov, in Trenton to pick up supplies for Afghanistan. I stopped and watched it take off. Quite the sight. That was okay but it came back and left again at 245am...everybody in town heard that departure.

Here is a photo of the Trenton area, a view of the Bay of Quinte from inside Bain Park.

My sister's place is where I used to see the deer. They would come in the early morning and have a snack of cracked corn that my brother-in-law Jack would put out for them.

Not to be left out, one morning I saw a raccoon checking out the trough.

It has been a hot and sunny summer for most people in Ontario, including the Trenton area. This is the best summer I have experienced in many years. My sister Shirley has a great pool and I have cooled off in it quite often this year.

Trenton is the air force base that all the soldiers that are killed in Afghanistan are brought to upon repatriation. It is something to see. Canadian flags and people line the route that the fallen soldier's remains pass by.

This portion of the Highway of Heroes is Hamilton Road, not too far from my new home.

I made a new friend the other evening. He looked a little lonesome. I don't know for sure that it's a male, but that is what I initially thought when I saw it so that's what I'm calling him.

Finally, for this post, I will leave you with an idea of how beautiful the Trent River is in this area.

I'm hoping to post fairly often now so do check back again.