Cataraqui Reflections

Friday, May 14, 2010

Everybody likes pictures of eagles

Only two weeks now until the big move. I am as ready as I guess I am going to be. I received these pictures from Connie Horak, my friend in Pennsylvania. She is always supplying me with material. The latest missive contained pictures of eagles en masse.

Just outside the town of Comox on Vancouver Island in January, 2009, the weather was so cold that the bald eagles were cruising over houses looking for helpless cats to make a quick meal. Some kind souls decided to feed the eagles down at Goose Spit so they would survive the cold spell.

These birds were curious but not the least afraid of the men who came and put out food for them.

Many eagles showed up to feast on the food these men were able to bring for them.

The only other time I have seen pictures of eagles in great numbers was for the salmon run in British Columbia where eagles line the river banks, waiting for a quick meal.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

I can't believe it's been a week since I last posted. I went to visit my sister Shirley in Frankford this past week to scout out a new home. We went to 3 (very) different trailer parks in the Trenton area. The one on the Trenton Air Force base itself was sort of seedy and worthy of the expression 'trailer trash'. I doubt I'll be moving into that park anytime soon. The next two parks were quite well maintained and would suit well.

The last one was the best, but of course the most expensive. It is also probably a seniors park, which I admit, now includes me as a member. At this last one they also have a Resident Ownership Program (ROP)which translates into me having to cough up more than my down payment if I want to live there. Still, it means a better class of occupant and perhaps a more responsible one as well. Dang, my housing is forcing me to invest my own money into something resembling a nest egg. Hmmm. If the money is tied up, I can't spend it, right? Certainly an avenue to consider.

Down in a cute little town called Bloomfield, Shirley, Claire and I visited an open garden. It was almost past the tulip season but I did get some nice shots.

While in Trenton one day, Claire and I stopped to have a snack at the William Bain Memorial Park, right on the Bay of Quinte. Here the water level is also low. There were many swans visiting the area and I got these photos.

When I got back from down south, I was greeted by a white blanket that metaphorically said 'Welcome to Northern Ontario!'.

The look on my cousin Claire's face says it all. Yuck. The next day was a winner too.
This was how my backyard looked.

I went to the lawyer's office today and signed the offer to purchase for my house. Now it is legal and there are few legal hurdles left. I now have to go about the chore of canceling services and arranging to have my mail forwarded, etc. I'll probably forget some important things but I hope not.

The movers came this morning and gave me an estimate for the move to Trenton. One less thing to worry about as it was quite reasonable. Moving, although necessary at times, is a pain and I will be happy to hang up my hat at my next address and stay put for a while. I might still travel but I am not moving anywhere again anytime soon.

That's the kind of week I had. Talk soon.